The Feeling

Loss Hope Love: Exclusive Colour Vinyl LP


Release date: 6 May, 2022

‘Loss.Hope.Love’ is The Feeling’s most recent studio album. Self-produced, predominantly at their East London studio during lockdown, Loss. Hope. Love is the sound of a band who have reconsidered their identity, taken control of their sound and embraced the Queen-esque theatrical elements of their DNA. The Feeling return a whole new perspective.

1.  High Like You 
2.  There Is No Music
3.  Never Gave Up 
4.  There’s a Word For It 
5.  On The Edge 
6.  Lost
7.  Love People 
8.  No One To Blame
9.  Cascade
10.  Wrong
11.  For The Future 
12.  Morning Light (plus hidden track - Takes A Beat Away) 

Vinyl LP