Ariana Grande

Dangerous Woman: Exclusive Purple + Black Swirl Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 26 August, 2016

Please note actual vinyl colour may vary slightly from packshot

LP 1 Side A
1. moonlight 
2. dangerous woman 
3. be alright 

LP 1 Side B
1. into you (side b)
2. side to Side (side b)
3. let me love you (side b)
4. greedy (side b)

LP 2 Side C
1. leave me lonely (side a
2. everyday (side a)
3. sometimes (side a)
4. i don’t care (side a)

LP 2 Side 
1. bad decisions (side b)
2. touch it (side b)
3. knew better / forever boy (side b)
4. thinking bout you (side b)

Vinyl LP