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Unknown T

Blood Diamond - Signed CD


Release date: 12 January, 2024

“Over the past five years I’ve seen the darkness and now I’ve come to the light. I’ve learnt wisdom. It’s humbling to see where I’ve come from.”

The past half decade has seen Unknown T establish himself as among the most creative and authentic voices in British Rap. A string of seminal singles and mixtapes have pushed, and then shattered, the musical boundaries of UK Drill, his distinct voice offering stark yet poetic accounts of life in the overlooked corners of London.

Now, he is ready to release his debut album Blood Diamond. 13-tracks long, Blood Diamond is a vivid journey into his mind, spirt and history, illuminating on the trials, traumas and triumphs he has met along the way.

“It’s not easy to come through what I’ve been through, and making something out of it,” he says, “It’s a good feeling coming out of that environment and seeing what I’ve made possible.”

Standard Jewel-case CD. Signed by Unknown T and available exclusively on the store.

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